(*Virtual) Israeli Folk Dance Camp

Labor Day Weekend
September 3-5, 2021 (Fri-Sun) (tentative dates)

* Virtual Karmiel USA 2021 *


(updated Fri, June 25)

~ ~ ~

Ruthy Slann (z''l), our beloved founder, director, hostess, and dear friend, passed away on June 5th, 2021, surrounded by her family and loved ones, after her battle with cancer.  We are all deeply saddened, and she will be sorely missed.  One of her parting desires was that the camp still go on without her.  We, the 7 staff members she assembled over the last several years, are continuing camp in her honor.  She took care of so many different aspects of camp, it is quite daunting to fill her shoes, but we will do the best we can!

~ ~ ~

We, the staff, are still in the planning stages, trying to arrange and organize ourselves

and our responsibilities after the loss of our beloved camp director.

After a great deal of deliberation, we have decided to hold a HYBRID/VIRTUAL camp,

similar to last year's Zoom virtual dance event.  A small group (mostly locals, like last time)

will meet again in Charlotte, NC to dance in a large recreational hall, with a camera set up to

stream the dance floor to everyone on Zoom.  We'll have some decorations and try to give

it a Karmiel USA camp feel as much as possible.  (We already have some great ideas on

how to make it special, and will continue to brainstorm and develop our plans over

the next several weeks.)

For those wondering, we were initially planning to hold an in-person camp this year at

The Mountain (our usual location).  We tried very hard to determine a way it could work,

but unfortunately COVID-19 is still a big problem, and there was no way we could

accommodate both vaccinated and unvaccinated dancers in a way that would

allow everyone to feel safe and comfortable.

By holding the virtual dance camp, we can still honor Ruthy's desire for camp to go on this year.

We will include a tribute to her, with a special memorial video (prepared by Meliss),

and dance some of Ruthy's favorite dances.

The tentative dates for the Zoom virtual dance camp will be Friday 9/3 through Sunday 9/5.

We are still working out further details, so appreciate your patience.

Next year, we hope and expect to be able to meet safely at The Mountain.

Please see further below for details about 2022.

L'shanah haba'ah b'mountain!

~ ~ ~

Last year, due to COVID-19, we did not have an in-person camp event at The Mountain.  Instead, we hosted a smaller virtual dance event, where anyone could join via Zoom (video meetings app).  We had a small in-person gathering in Charlotte, NC where we hosted the event and streamed the dance floor, taking turns to highlight remote dancers as well.  Despite some audio/video sync issues at times and other technical challenges, we had a great time and it was wonderful to see so many familiar faces again, as well new faces too!  We had lots of dancing, some schmoozing time, and six dances taught by the camp staff.  Feel free to check out the Videos page on this website to see some videos of the event.

Karmiel USA 2020 (Virtual) Dance Group
Karmiel USA 2020 (Virtual) Dance Group

Karmiel USA 2019 Dance Group
Karmiel USA 2019 Dance Group

View from Meditation Rock
View from Meditation Rock

Karmiel USA 2020 (Virtual) Dance Group
Karmiel USA 2020 (Virtual) Dance Group

Come join us

in 2022 as we celebrate our 27th year and Israel's 74th Birthday! Enjoy three full days and three long nights at this beautiful, relaxing as well as rustic retreat near Highlands, NC in the Blue Ridge Mountains, with its incredible mountain views and natural surroundings.

In addition to dance teaching sessions and dance parties lasting long into the night, in a wonderful dance hall called "the Tree House", you can enjoy heated rooms, hike many trails, enjoy afternoon wine parties and take part in our traditional Kabalat Shabbat and Havdala services. You can feast on 3 fabulous meals a day and the legendary on-going yummy snacks guaranteed to satisfy even the hungriest of dancers.

Non-dancing family and friends (including children) are welcome too.

For this year (2021) there will not be an in-person gathering at The Mountain, but here are some details that we can look forward to for 2022!